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Rage, rage, against the dying of the light...

This is the way the world ends...

Oh You Public Menace
7 November 1988
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I am me, and part of being me is, unfortunately, being bad at profile description paragraphs. I like Tolkien and Doctor Who and Supernatural (etc. etc., include many things British and many things science fictional here, and see below interests if you really care), and more recently have pledged my undying love to bands such as the Smiths and the Libertines. I like Gollum and I like to imitate Gollum and I like to randomly explode (I'm terribly sorry about that, by the way, if you have been a victim thereof). I have a pet squishy bubble. although I'd much prefer a pet sloth. The Doctor is my hero but he is completely asexual and I stare at you and your newfangled RTD-inspired pairings (Moffat as well now... can no one leave him in asexual peace?) in private despair and horror. Moose. I like to play Go. I'd like to be sorted in Slytherin, but also like to believe I'm Ravenclaw at heart, even though it's probably not true. I secretly obsess over physics, though, so that's got to give me some points. Well, not so secretly. But I'd rather enjoy building a ray gun and taking over the world, so maybe Slytherin it really is. I stand ominously on tall buildings (and sometimes use too many parentheses). If you didn't understand what I meant about exploding, you may now. I'm terribly sorry about this jumbled mess, but if you want to friend me, I think you should be forewarned about what to expect from my posts. They may not occur frequently, but beware when they do.